Why Use a Concierge Service for Your Luxury Building?

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Why Use a Concierge Service for Your Luxury Building?

A growing trend in many luxury buildings is the inclusion of a luxury concierge service as being among the amenities of the building. To the general eye, a concierge is little more than a doorman who greets residents and guests as they enter or leave the building. This, however, is an incomplete assessment of the role.

While it is true that a luxury concierge service, by design, meets the criteria of a friendly doorman, the role demands so much more. There is a reason why being having lifestyle management concierge services has become synonymous with luxury living in 2021, and that is because an effective concierge truly elevates the quality of life within a building.

One of the primary ways in which a luxury concierge service elevate the quality of life within a luxury building is through their package handling service. Packages are delivered to buildings daily, courtesy of the residents who online shop. In a building with over a hundred units, this stream of packages can quickly become overwhelming and packages tend to end up missing. A luxury concierge service generally provide an additional service of holding packages for you, keeping them safe while you the resident is out of town, and until the resident can retrieve them.

Depending on the specific service that you choose, or the equipment available in the building, lifestyle management concierge services are also capable of storing and cataloging all packages that enter the buildings, making it so that resident can pick up ordered items during a time that works best for their schedule without worrying about the safety of their valuables. This applies to shopping, organization, maintenance supervision and more.

Safety is an important factor to consider when one is choosing a home, and often buildings and neighborhoods alike are overlooked as potential homes due to a lack of such. The safety that lifestyle management concierge services offer to the valuables that your residents will have delivered to the building also extends to the residents themselves, particularly when the concierge provider is licensed, bonded and insured. By implementing a screening program that is unique to each service, the personnel of a luxury concierge service will bolster the security measures your building already has in place to keep unwanted visitors and trespassers from gaining access to the property.

These concierge services provide safety from internal threats to the buildings as well. The presence of a luxury concierge service in the building will reduce the occurrence of domestic violence that may happen in residents’ homes, by serving as an immediate point of contact who can intervene as well as alert the proper authorities. Potential fire alarms, floods, or electrical failures within the building are addressed soon after they occur, which is especially valuable during the overnight hours when most of the building would be asleep. lifestyle management concierge services elevate the quality of a building to the status of luxury by providing peace of mind to the residents of the building, allowing them to focus on living their best lives without worrying too much about their safety.

Safety is truly an important factor when a potential resident is considering a home, but it merely sets the standard for what is considered a luxury home. Many of the buildings that employ various lifestyle management concierge services consider the service to be among the amenities of the building. Where the pool or the gym may add resident entertainment, and the library or tech center adds to resident productivity, the concierge service adds to resident peace of mind. If a resident is facing a building lockout, the concierge service is who they would turn to for assistance. In the event, the resident needs something printed, and they are out of paper or ink, the concierge service is who they would turn to. If the elevators to the building become stuck between the floors, the concierge service is likely the first individual that will be contacted. In summary, concierge services employ individuals who simultaneously wear the hat of security and customer service reps. They are the people who will serve as a point of contact between the residents of the buildings and the staff who largely work behind the scenes. From the events that require incident reports to the failures that require maintenance tickets, concierges are the hidden element that allows your building to operate at peak efficiency no matter the situation.

Exclusivity and rules are some of the other key components that elevate a luxury complex to one that is considered a luxury complex. By providing access control to the building, the concierge service that you employ is already providing the building with the component of exclusivity. Preventing residents from violating the building rules will be one of the more common tasks your chosen concierge service will have to perform. As a property manager, there will be times where you encounter residents who try to circumvent the rules. This could take the form of hosting a loud party well past the established quiet hours of the building or trying to enter amenity spaces outside the hours of access. One of the fastest ways to observe the deterioration of the quality of life within any community is to allow residents to abuse the amenities without regard for the comfort of their neighbors. This leads to a breakdown in community trust, cohesion, and courtesy. Environments like this tend to see an increase in complaints and a lower resident retention rate. An effective concierge service is a property manager’s best friend when it comes to enforcing the building rules. A luxury concierge service is a constant presence within the building, making them the perfect tool to quickly address any resident who tries to circumvent the rules. Over time this helps keep the community within the building, as well as establishes the concierge team as an authority within the building.

Overall, a concierge operates within the same industry as the doorman or a security guard, but they provide a far more robust experience. The concierge desk is an essential component when discussing the topic of luxury buildings because the individual filling that role must be capable of providing resident safety, addressing resident concerns, and enforcing building policy.