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Professional Home Watching

Our team understands that seasonal travelers will go back to their primary residences, executives will be immersed in business travel and permanent residents will need a getaway. With that in mind, our property care services are designed to ensure any potential issues are handled immediately. We are committed, reliable and ready to assist with your property needs.

  • Includes
    • Perform 30 pt inspection of the interior and exterior of property (landscaping, pool, etc) weekly,
      bi-monthly or by customized request with photos and a summary report
    • Check Appliances and Thermostats
    • Run Water from all faucets
    • Mail Management and Forwarding
    • Schedule and Supervise Vendor services and repairs
    • Manage Utility Appointments and Deliveries
    • Handle Pre/Post Home Prep for the season (Restock Supplies, Grocery Shopping and Cleaning, etc)
    • Water plants, succulents and the garden
    • Car check ups include turning on and driving the car for 30 minute
Professional home watching