Top 10 Luxury Getaway Destinations for Summer 2021

Top 10 Luxury Getaway Destinations for Summer 2021

Around the world there are many places to visit in the summer of 2021. They are vacation spots that are great for singles as well as for families and for both. This list is just a few of the amazing places that you can find scenic views and gracious hosts. Each of these locations has many places for you to stay and lay your head as well as restaurants and other attractions to visit while you are on your vacation. There’s a lot of fun to be had in the world, go out and enjoy it.

1. The Alaskan Coast is a great place to visit especially if you were looking for some peace and quiet, you can find small amounts of people at Glacier Bay, Misty Fjord and Kenai Fjords Our wonderful national parks that you can rage by taking a boat. This will help you to rest and relax after a long busy year. If you’re looking for something more along the lines of adventure, there are boating expeditions that are available where you will take a 450 passenger boat and have a one week itinerary in the wild for you and your traveling companions.

2. Astoria, Oregon Is a beautiful location in the north western portion of Oregon and at the top of the Columbia river. It contains the oldest American settlement in the west, full of Victorian houses and antique shops that are full of treasures. Here you can find fresh fish restaurants as well as a fish cannery that is located right on the river. If you love fresh seafood they also have restaurants that serve Dungeness crab, black cod, and Oregon pink shrimp.

3. Big Sky, Montana, offers 5800 acres of ski able to rain all year round. You will be able to ski in the southwest Montana through the American ounce. It is 18 miles from Yellowstone national park which adds to the appeal for nature lovers because they can have a good ventures in the great outdoors when they are not skiing. So essentially you’d be able to ski one day and then go hiking in the woods the next day. It is a great option for a family getaway adventure who can’t agree on what they want to do. Boca Raton property management can ensure your Montana getaway goes off without a hitch.

4. South Dakota’s Black Hills, our amazing part of an American road trip where the journey is as important as the destinations. If you were looking for wide open spaces to relax, head out to the mountains and you can see Mount Rushmore, the town of deadwood, many national monuments and parks are there as well. There are places for you to camp, hike, even bicycle. They have nightly movie nights and concerts available for everyone to enjoy.

5. Cape may New Jersey is a wonderful town to take a trip to. You can visit where Harriet Tubman worked as a cook and house keeper and can’t make where the Delaware Bay runs into the Atlantic ocean. You can view the underground railroad trolley tours as well as the Harriet Tubman museum to step back into history and see how they lived during slavery. This town is full of newly developed buildings and locations as well as historic buildings and locations for everyone to enjoy.

6. Wilmington, Delaware is often overlooked for places to go on a family vacation. Most don’t know that it is a wonderful location for culinary wonders, riverfront access, and multiple seafood restaurants. You would also be able to have access to multiple types of water sports such as skiing, jet skiing, Or even just swimming and snorkeling. There is also many local walking trails and hiking spots and the parks. This is a low frequency of vacation spot for travelers so it would probably be more peaceful and quiet with shorter lines to do things because not a lot of people think about going there for vacation. Contact the Boca Raton property management pro’s at AW Concierge to help plan a smooth vacay.

7. Florida’s middle keys, are the closest location that you can get to a Caribbean vacation without actually leaving the United States. The middle keys are laid back islands that are sitting between Key Largo and Key West islands. They are both above sea level and they have many family friendly coves that are available for you to walk to. There are some endangered turtles there for you to visit if that piece your interest. There are many beaches that are safe for you to visit and to swim at. There’s also a dive center that will help teach you how to dive safely into the ocean. Using Boca Raton property management companies like AW Concierge will ensure a smooth trip.

8. Grand Staircase-Escalante, Utah, is a great family vacation for you to visit if you were interested in amazing views. Here you can stay in caves, and canyons, and camps, or even in the great outdoors without under any cover. This is a wonderful road trip experience for an individual or for families as well. There are many canyons that you can visit, mini tent sites, heated plunge pools, soaking tubs, fire pits and many views of the beautiful sunset as it sits over the surrounding Mesa’s.

9. South Island, New Zealand, comes complete with majestic landscapes and views of amazing mountains and glaciers. The stories guys are easily visible around the island because of the lack of light pollution in the area. To the most accessible glaciers in the world are located in Queenstown which is a short trip from the south island New Zealand. There is also delicious food and wineries in the area. Boca Raton property management experts can help your home stay at bay while you are away.

10. Paris, France is always available to international visitors that are interested in seeing the attractions such as the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe. There are many quaint cafés, trendy shopping districts, and multiple markets that can help you get lost while wandering on the cobblestone streets. You can even relax on the thanks for hours. Don’t forget to check out the museums, ancient churches, cascading trees including street lamps as well as their amazing architecture. The bridges there are impossibly beautiful as well. Contact the Boca Raton property management experts at AW Concierge today for more info.