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The Best Organization Tips of 2022

Getting motivated to organize can be one of the hardest things. Here are the Best Organization Tips of 2022 that we gathered!

1. Organize with Color

Starting with a fun tip, the Container Store suggests organizing with color to make the task less of a chore. Assign a color for different functions like work, home, pets, children, etc. for paper organizing. For kids, give them each a different colored bin to help them put away their belongings.

2. Compartmentalize

Next, the best way to find what you need quickly, is to compartmentalize your drawers and cabinets. Think small cups or dividers for different subsets of items, and each drawer has a theme. Keep items near the rooms where you are most likely to use them – because then you will be most likely to put them back!

3. Everything Gets a Place

For the next organization tip – the hardest but most rewarding part of organizing is finding a place where each item lives. That’s also why a big part of organizing is decluttering and donating items. You may start to realize you have more stuff than space, and that’s okay! Once everything has a place, you will reach organizational nirvana.

4. Take Inventory

Does your pantry keep multiplying cans of chickpeas? Next time you’re making a grocery list, double check your cabinets and take a quick inventory. A great way to avoid clutter is to ask yourself if you already have an item that can serve the purpose you need. This keeps us from checking out a bigger Amazon cart than we need!

5. Create Command Centers

Also, different areas of our home like the kitchen, office, bedroom, bathroom, etc – all serve different purposes. Much like “Everything Gets a Place,” creating command centers helps dictate areas in your home where things get done in different genres. Your kitchen command center may contain grocery list making supplies, and kids’ homework supplies if that is where homework gets done. The office may have a place for incoming mail, stamps for outgoing mail, post-its and pens. The beauty of the command center is that it is for the items that you need in order to take action throughout the day.

6. Label!

Labeling every bin and drawer will make your future self thank you over and over. Knowing what you are going to find in each place before ripping apart every spot in your house will save you time, effort, anxiety, and get you closer to living your best life.

And if there is one thing we have learned about organizing, it is that it is no small task. Use our organization tips or let a professional do it for you. Don’t feel like you have to go about it alone. Our team can match you with expert organizers in your area so you can start living in an organized paradise.