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5 Reasons to Use VIP Transportation Services

When it comes to VIP transportation in South Florida, look no further than the licensed, bonded and insured luxury concierge and transport services that AW Concierge has to offer. Here are five of the best reasons to utilize our luxury fleet of cars and professional drivers.

Airport Pick Up and Drop Off

Our VIP transportation services are perfect for both private and commercial airport pick ups and drop offs for both yourself, a family member, friend or loved one. Airport travel is stressful as is, so having a reliable, luxury transportation service is just one way to relieve stress, as well as make your experience enjoyable. All you (or a loved one) has to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Event Transportation

Arrive in style with AW Concierge’s VIP transportation services. Our luxury fleet of vehicles not only ensure a smooth, relaxing ride (that can accommodate many people for larger groups), it also ensure you make an entrance (if that’s what you prefer). If you prefer to arrive in a low key manner, we can ensure that happens as well by doing secluded drop offs with private entrance to your event or venue for high profile clients.

A Girl’s (or Guys) Night Out

What better way to ensure your safety (and fun) than having a VIP transportation service take care of you for you next night out? Our fleet of luxury vehicles include larger, brand new models that accommodate bigger groups for a fun and safe night out. If you want to add extra flair to your special night, our luxury concierge can also stock the vehicle with “all the things” – from special mocktails, to curated gift bags, we make sure you have the best, and safest night out ever.

Bridal Transportation Needs

Wedding planning is stressful in and of itself, and our VIP transportation services help offer relief. We handle bridal shower pickups and drop-offs to and from hotels, airports, venues, restaurants and everything in between. Your out of of town guests can receive safe, luxury transportation to and from wherever they need to go so that you can focus on what matters most; your special day.

Family, Visitor and “Out-of-Towner” Transport

If you have relatives, friends, clients or other out of town guests coming to South Florida to visit, our VIP transportation services are the perfect solution to offering them a special experience, while giving you one less thing to worry about. No matter where they need to go, we’re here to make sure they get there in comfort, safety and style.

If you’d like to learn more about our VIP transportation services, or would like to book with us today, please call our team at 561-376-4855. Your luxury transportation experience is just one phone call away.