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Our 10 Summer Getaway Picks – European Edition 

So you have decided to go on a fantastic European adventure this summer? Well, you’re in for spectacular discoveries. Notably, Europe is among the most historically rich and culturally diverse continents globally. This, therefore, makes it quite a challenge to decide on the best summer destinations to pick. 

The good news is that you can depend on a luxury concierge Boca Raton to help you plan your getaway. Here are our top 10 breathtaking summer destinations you should consider. 

Marbella, Spain

Marbella, Spain, is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious destinations you should visit. To begin with it is a spectacular selection of beaches. Notably, each beach boasts of unique style and flair. You’ll undoubtedly find a beach to suit your type with such a revelation. 

Besides having fantastic weather all year round, you are sure to enjoy lively and glamorous nightlife with a casino scene. You’ll get to enjoy good music and incredible scenes. With the help of your luxury concierge Boca Raton, you’ll get to adventure the best spots in Marbella.

To top it off is shopping in Marbella. Given its luxurious personality, the city is home to high-end brands in South Spain. You won’t miss something classy to carry back home. 

Capri, Italy

Even though Capri might be small, it doubtlessly has a good reputation making it to our getaway picks. The Island is home to pristine beaches, luxury apartments, and loads of history.

You can be sure about Capri that you’ll find luxury lodging. Features to look out for include; an extravagant pool, and a private balcony, and you’ll get 5- star services. To get such lodgings, let your luxury concierge Boca Raton know what your requirements are. What’s more, you can learn more about Italian history.

Megeve, France

Megeve will undoubtedly meet all your expectations during your summer vacation. This is especially is you love skiing. The amazing city is surrounded by fantastic architecture that is pleasant to the eye. They range from five-star hotels to modern apartments and luxurious chalets. 

Another outstanding aspect about this city is that there are fewer crowds thus you’ll have the quiet charm you’re looking for. If you’re a golfer, don’t miss out on the most prestigious mountain gold in Megeve. Make sure to shop at the trendy luxury stores in the city. 

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Monte-Carlo is one of the most-sort after summer destinations. The city has also become world-famous for its extravagant display of luxury. You can be sure to find 5-star hotels which will make your stay fantastic. You’ll get to enjoy plenty of thrilling games in Monte-Carlo. Get to play in the fourth oldest casino on the continent.

Don’t miss shopping in the Carré d’Or district, home to luxurious boutiques. While strolling down the street, you’ll also admire the world’s most famous retailers. 

Positano, Italy

Positano has been ranked as one of the best places to visit. This places the Amalfi Coast as one of the heavenly locations in Italy that you shouldn’t miss. Positano has, without a doubt, charming architecture. This is owed to the fact that it’s built in the middle of the mountains. This gives you a chance to overlook and enjoy the sea. 

Positano is full of incredible history, charm, and luxury. Legend has it that god Neptune built the Amalfi coast to win his nymph love. 

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira has been named one of the most welcoming destinations. To add to the list, Madeira has a subtropical climate and boasts of the best beaches and fantastic scene scapes. Therefore, you have many things to do to fulfill your heart’s desire. 

In Madeira, you can also get the best accommodation from luxurious hotels. To get one that’s best for you, engage with your luxury concierge Boca Raton.  

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Part island, part resort, Sveti Stefan has topped Europe’s luxurious destinations. Even though not in a remote location, it does not have high traffic. This, therefore, gives you ample space to enjoy your vacation. By visiting this islet, you’ll have access to private beaches and the best views. 

Gstaad, Switzerland

Gstaad is nothing short of the best location you should consider traveling to in Europe. To begin with, the area has been named a ‘wellness destination.’ This is because of the numerous specialist spas and wellness hotels. 

You are also sure to have a fantastic shopping experience at Gstaad. This is because of an array of designer boutiques you can choose from. Enjoy your summer vacation in a luxury hotel overlooking stunning slopes and mountain views. A luxury concierge Boca Raton will help you book one of the best hotels in Gstaad. 

Saint Barthelemy, France

Saint Barthelemy is an ideal location for its picturesque views surrounded by crystal clear waters, coral reefs, and turquoise lagoons. It is easily the best place for the rich and famous to visit as it has stunning scenery, welcoming people, peace, and beautiful beaches. 

Montreux, Switzerland

When you go to Montreux, you’ll get a chance to enjoy a tranquil getaway. Breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps surround Montreux. In addition, you can get to enjoy the jazz festival where legendary artists get to perform. You also get to have a good stay as there are numerous palaces and luxury hotels for you to choose from. Your luxury concierge Boca Raton will fill you in on the different activities you can engage in, such as wine tasting in vineyards.

What’s evident is that Europe offers you the best summer destinations. To be sure that you enjoy your getaway to the fullest, make plans with a luxury concierge Boca Raton and have your trip well-planned.