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A Few Favorite Hidden Gem Eateries and Experiences of Palm Beach County

  1. High Tea at the Chesterfield Hotel 

Indulge your European sensibilities with the delightful experience of Palm Beach Island’s Chesterfield Hotel high tea. This unique, one-of-a-kind experience can be enjoyed outside by the pool, or inside their historic Library Room. 

  1. Café Boulud at the Brazilian Court 

Palm Beach is Chef Daniel Boulud’s award-winning restaurant, located in the heart of Palm Beach Island’s historic district, and inside the infamous Brazilian Court hotel. The finest fusion of French and modern American cuisine, Café Boulud is a once in a lifetime culinary experience. 

  1. Fries to Caviar in Boca Raton

The name of this hidden gem says it all – because who doesn’t love caviar, and fries? This Boca Raton staple combines both in two separate options that make for a mouth watering, unique and indulgent experience. Aside from the caviar and fries, they also offer a seasonal selection of locally sourced, fresh caught fish dishes. Don’t be deceived by the no frills exterior or location – this is a top notch choice for a unique experience. 

  1. Tanzy at Mizner Park 

We know what you’re thinking – how great can a restaurant inside of a movie theater be? Tanzy, located inside Mizner Park’s iPic is more than just your run of the mill movie theater eatery.  Upon entrance, you’re greeted with an amazing biophilic design installation by local artist Jeffrey Allis, dim, artistic lighting, and music that creates an absolute vibe. While the food menu is basic, the selections taste good, and won’t disappoint. The craft cocktails are a stand out, and it’s the perfect place for a first date or girls night out. 

  1. The Rebel House in Boca Raton 

Originally concepted by the owners of Charm City Burgers, the Rebel House offers a unique selection of local fare, and a vibe that won’t disappoint. This hip and quirky eatery is a refreshing break from the regular, with an extremely impressive, award winning cocktail program.